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CryptoCurrency News - June 20, 2022

Bitfinex Pulse Content Competition

Bitfinex Pulse Content Competition

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new competition over on Bitfinex Pulse.

From today (22nd November) until 23rd December, you could win $1,500 in Tether tokens (USDt) for any content of your choosing. It will need to be unique to Pulse and made public so anyone can see it.

$1,000 is awarded to the top four Bitfinex Pulse posts with the highest engagement (top tip, you can share the link to your post on other social media sites to hedge your bets).

The top four posts then go on to be judged by the followers of Bitfinex’s Twitter in a poll to choose the top post which then awards the winner an additional $500 USDt.

All the details can be found on our Bitfinex Pulse account: https://pulse.bitfinex.com/post/Bitfinex/20211122092337998

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