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CryptoCurrency News - June 3, 2022

These Goblin NFTs Feast On Feces And Urine And They Fetch For $16K

There are goblins and then there are Goblin NFTs. The former come from folklore and fantasy, mischievous and hideous looking creatures that look like dwarves. The latter are borne out of modern man’s technology-inspired imagination whose intent is to make money.

For those who are looking for gory NFT characters, then Goblintown is your version of Disneyland. Goblintown is gobbling on everything icky such as urine and feces, in one nasty goblin NFTs dump. The space is also full of intentionally misspelled words, making it totally out of this world.

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To join the Goblintown community, you need to have a minimum of $16,000. You read that right.

This is currently the floor price for each piece of Goblintown NFT which surprisingly doubled in price overnight from Wednesday’s price of 3.9 ETH to 8.95 ETH as of this writing, which translates to roughly $16,600.

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Buying Spree For Gory, Icky & Everything In Between

This new sloppy and horrid NFT collection coined as Goblintown has been an overnight success, and the NFT community is puzzled about who the creators are. While many people in the NFT community found the collection appealing, others find it disgusting, such as famous NFT artist Beeple.

On May 26, NFT traders, investors, and influencers all crammed on Twitter for the live audio of Twitter Space. They were all listening to a group of men who were chattering gibberish and mumbled sounds, talking about serving people burgers with Gary Pee Sauce, referring to the famous serial entrepreneur and crypto/NFT influencer, Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuk.

The Goblin NFTs contain frightening goblins that can be used as profile images on Instagram, Discord, and Twitter (NFT Cable).

The bafflegab was coming from the anonymous founders and creators of Goblintown, comprising 10,000 NFT collections that have met great success since its launch on May 19.

The Goblin NFTs feature spooky goblins that can be used as profile pictures on Instagram, Discord, or Twitter. Each of these horrid-looking goblin NFTs has special unique characteristics and accessories.

Goblintown NFTs started as a free mint for people who got in their public sale. They can get the free mints and only pay the transaction fee. Twelve days following the launch, the entry price for Goblintown NFTs has increased from $0 to $11,500 or equivalent to roughly 6 ETH. More so, the truly unique pieces can be purchased for that amount thrice.

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Crypto total market cap at $1.22 trillion on the daily chart | Source: TradingView.com

Goblin NFTs Soaring For The Past Month

It’s particularly shocking to think that these weird-looking goblin NFTs have become successful for the longest time when NFT traders have been used to random NFT projects finding success like a flash in the pan.

Most NFT or meme collectibles get intensely popular for a day or two, and the hype dies down. However, in the case of Goblintown, the entire community remains hooked on these oddball memes for the whole month of May.

The anonymous Goblintown creators snag 7.5% per sale on both LooksRare and OpenSea. Roughly $37 million Goblintown NFTs traded equivalent to around $2.75 million revenue for the team.

Featured image from NFT Evening, chart from TradingView.com


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