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CryptoCurrency News - June 1, 2022

Terra 2.0 (LUNA2) Deposits and Withdrawals Start Now

We are pleased to announce that Kraken now supports Terra 2.0 (LUNA2).

Funding and Trading

You can add LUNA2 to your Kraken account by navigating to Funding, selecting the asset, and hitting Deposit. Trading is live. Keep an eye on our status page for updates.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ticker LUNA2
Tradeable against EUR, USD
Price precision 5 decimal places for EUR and USD
Minimum order size 1 LUNA2
Minimum deposit 0.1 LUNA2
Deposit confirmations required Near instant
Not available in Japan
Services available Kraken, the Kraken Pro interface

What is Terra 2.0?

Terra 2.0 is a decentralized, open-source public blockchain protocol resulting from a community-supported separation of the original Terra blockchain. Born from the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 and built with interoperability in mind, the Terra 2.0 network will inherit Terra Classic’s developer pool. LUNA2 is the native token used for governance of the network.

LUNA2 airdrop

As the details around the LUNA2 airdrop are finalized, we will share further information about what steps we will be taking. Additional updates will be posted separately in the Kraken Support Center.

We intend to distribute the new Terra 2.0 token (LUNA2) to all eligible users based on the Terra project team’s token distribution plan:

Category Snapshot  Criteria to receive LUNA2 Distribution 
“Pre-attack” 2022-05-07 14:59 (UTC) Held or staked less than 10,000 LUNA Distribution of 30% of the total amount received before 2022-05-31 08:30 (UTC);

Distribution monthly of the remaining 70%, vesting over 24 months from December 2022.

Held or staked 10,000-999,999 LUNA Distribution monthly, vesting over 24 months from June 2023 onward.
Held or staked 1,000,000 LUNA or more Distribution monthly, vesting over 48 months from June 2023 onward.
“Post-attack” 2022-05-26 16:38 (UTC) LUNA and/or UST holders Distribution of 30% of the total amount received before 2022-05-31 08:30 (UTC);

Distribution monthly of the remaining 70%, vesting over 24 months from December 2022 onward.

Trade with caution

There is no guarantee that a limit order will execute. There is also no guarantee a market order will execute at a certain price. The availability and liquidity of the particular digital asset will impact these types of orders.

Listing an asset or token for trade is not a recommendation to buy, sell or participate in the associated network. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

These materials are for general information purposes only and are not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell, or hold any digital asset or to engage in any specific trading strategy. Some crypto products and markets are unregulated, and you may not be protected by government compensation and/or regulatory protection schemes. The unpredictable nature of the cryptoasset markets can lead to loss of funds. Tax may be payable on any return and/or on any increase in the value of your crypto assets and you should seek independent advice on your taxation position.

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